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The recounted events of the night that two estranged brothers attempted to reconnect and escape a small town, seemingly taken over by martial law.

I'm sure you've heard about some of the chaos that went on in Madison last month. The police incident that spawned multiple protests that intensified with each passing day, culminating on that fateful night of June 8th. But, you really haven't heard the whole story, have you? Because until right now the whole story hasn't been visible. The events that took place on June, 8 was an enormous provocateur-ed, staged attack against the people of Madison; implemented by major institutions inside of our very own system. And we here at TheFringeFacts.com have been thrust directly into the middle of this because of my experience and continuous work to expose these events worldwide. The story that the mainstream news outlets published about Madison was so misinformed and filled with so much propaganda. It's disgusting. Truly. But thanks to the outstanding and diligent work from my field reporter, Tessa Monroe, we have in our possession first hand accounts of that night and what actually happened. We compiled it and with the cooperation and hard work of my production team, we created the film that you are about to see. To reiterate, at every branch at every level within this machine, they do not want this video circulating. At every level they've got something to hide. And at every level, they want to do their best to prevent you from seeing what is really gong on. But, this is your chance to see the truth and forge your own opinion. Be aware, some of this footage is violent and very disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. So put the kids to bed. Dim the lights and get ready for this never before seen look into the events from Madison.


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February 7, 2017

Police Chief Nicholas in Dayton, said that officers were sent to his precinct months ago and were then transferred to Madison just a week before the incident. Then after that night, they requested a leave of absence. So you have virtually unknown officers coming in, sh...

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Still unresponsive to our calls, Becca's father and United States Translator, John Worthington, stays silent on the events of Madison.

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