False Flag, is an action/found footage, feature film about two estranged brothers attempting to reunite after being torn apart by a small town, seemingly taken over by martial law.  


     TheFringeFacts.com, an "alternative" news website, begins a new episode with their crazed host spouting conspiracies of a tyrannical government.  As proof to these claims, the site's field reporter, Tessa Monroe, has compiled a film of first-hand accounts from one fateful night in the typically peaceful town of Madison. 


    TheFingeFacts.com's film, Madison, follows the recounted events of two brothers, Mark and Ash, as they try to reconcile family differences that has kept them estranged for years. Ash, along with his video blogging best friend, and Mark, along with his fiancé, agree to meet up in an attempt to mend their relationship. However, things quickly get out of hand and an argument erupts between the brothers, causing Ash to storm away. Recording the entire incident, Ash's best friend helps him calm down outside.  


      Suddenly, a deafening siren begins screeching throughout the city streets. The pair rush back inside and reconvene with the others, as the noise slowly dissipates.  The group panics, but eventually decides to head out and inspect the incident. Very soon after though, they find themselves directly in the middle of a police vs protester battle that escalates beyond control. The group barely escapes. Doing so, Ash, Mark and the others bump into TheFringeFacts.com's reporter Tessa Monroe. She convinces the group to join her in escaping Madison, before the "tyrannical police state" locks-down the entire city. With other motives in mind, the group un-unanimously agree. But unfortunately for Mark, Ash and the others, Tessa inadvertently leads the group into a full-scale riot. Amidst the chaos that ensues, Mark takes a stand against a questionable police decision that ultimately leads him to being beaten and arrested.  


     Ash and the others safely take refuge nearby. It is there that Ash decides that he will do whatever it takes to be there for his brother, when he's needed the most.  Because that's what family really is.     


     Now, with the only supply of information coming from the bias source of Tessa Monroe, Ash, his friends, and two vigilante patriots must race through the city to rescue Mark and escape Madison before any outrageous conspiracies come true.  


     In these turbulent times, fictions and non, TheFringeFacts.com wants to remind you that just like the False Flag in Madison, Guns Fight Enemies, but Cameras Fight Tyrannies.  

False Flag Facts

- Shot in London, OH , Pittsburgh, PA and Los Angeles, CA

- 20 Days Of Filming. June 8, 2016 - June 30, 2016

- $60,000 (aprox.) budget, including post, merchandise and marketing.

- Run time: 90mins

- Shot in 4k raw

- Deliverable Resolution: 1920x1080

- Cameras: Blackmagic Production Camera 4k, Blackmagic Mini URSA 4k, Blackmagic Micro Cinema Cam

- Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Soundtrack: FIGHT! by Élishia Sharie. Rendezvous, Darling Dearest & Fall by Only on Tuesdays

- Genre: Action, Drama, Found Footage

- Tagline: Guns Fight Enemies. Cameras Fight Tyrannies